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Please join us for Developmental Science HOA, a new collaborative Hangout On Air series which is co-hosted by…

Please join us for Developmental Science HOA, a new collaborative Hangout On Air series which is co-hosted by Science on Google+ and Developmental Psychology. In the first Developmental Science HOA we will be talking with Dr. Gedeon Deák. Gedeon Deák is a Professor of Cognitive Science and Human Development at University of California, San Diego and is the director of the Cognitive Development Laboratory at UC-San Diego. Gedeon Deák studies the dynamics of infant social interactions and social learning, using experimental behavioral paradigms, ethnographic investigations, physiological studies, and computer simulations. He and his collaborators conducted the first study of real-time interactions between parents and toddlers with high-density EEG and motion capture of both participants. He also studies how children learn and use words, and how they flexibly shift their attention, representations, and inferences.

Important Links

Curriculum Vitae:

Lab Website:


Relevant Papers

Watch the hands: infants can learn to follow gaze by seeing adults manipulate objects:

Young children’s fast mapping and generalization of words, facts, and pictograms :

A Unified Account of Gaze Following:

Micro-analysis of infant looking in a naturalistic social setting: insights from biologically based models of attention:

Visual Prediction in Infancy: What is the Association with Later Vocabulary? :

Please note that some of the papers are behind a paywall. Manuscripts can be downloaded through the lab pubs page,


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