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Your Daughter is a Scientist

Your Daughter is a Scientist

Please encourage all children to study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math!

Originally shared by STEM Women on G+

Deconstructing Gender in STEM

“Our words can have a huge impact. Isn’t it time we told her she’s pretty brilliant, too? Encourage her love of science and technology and inspire her to change the world.”– Reshma Saujani, Founder of Girls Who Code

The commercial ends by pointing out that 66 percent of 4th grade girls like science and math, but only 18 percent of college engineering majors are female. Society determines gender roles, not biology. But society, according to B. F. Skinner’s Social Learning Theory, plays a huge role in determining behavior. Children begin to “do gender” at a very young age; by five years old, they have a clear concept of not only masculinity and femininity, but also which category they fit into. This binary system is incredibly limiting.


H/T Emily Soldal


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  1. We owe it to both our girls and boys to help them construct better versions of their gender identity.  Better than what they’ll inherit if we don’t help.

    Also, this video uses my daughter’s name, so beautiful!


  2. It’s pretty obvious that parents have a strong influence over children. The problem is much bigger than this and it would be nice to see a commercial highlighting issues in schools and popular media. Hope my girls will grow up with a passion for science and technology.


  3. Brett Maurer, parents are just one part of the equation. If more young students were shown the importance of a STEM education from all three sides (parents, education, and media), there would be so many more people studying the STEM fields. 


  4. Why do you care about what jobs women choose to do? Are engineering jobs intrinsically better just because there’s less women in them? There’s less women doing deep sea fishing and working in construction jobs too. Why aren’t you pushing for women to do those jobs?


  5. TeamPreach why do I care?

    The reason why I care is because I want the best candidates filling STEM jobs. Currently there is a strong gender bias favoring men in the STEM fields, this means that there could be some amazing female scientist hidden away not working on important problems. 

    Any bias towards any gender in any field should be removed. 


  6. Voisin Geisterbeschwörer Tzitzimime WHY ?

    Will the world be a better place ?, will the world be a more peaceful place ?, will it be more practical ?, what is it so much that women scientists give to the world that men cannot ??, what was wrong with the “men’s world science” and girl’s world of “gossip” in the first place ?, do women in 21st century desire THAT MUCH to give up everything on what they are and become just “another type of men” – really ?

    This is just a very feminism propaganda scam designed to target people’s feelings and it’s controvertial to itself by doing it

    First you get “introduced” in a girl’s problem (child’s – very common for both boys and girls by the way) in the growing-up phase, and then BAM – all out of a sudden – instead of the solution being “better parenting and better psychology of parenting” and/or “inspiring instead of forcing” – it’s all out of a sudden – in “statistics” ??

    Really – people – didn’t know by now – all out of a sudden – how stupid we all were – all solutions lie in statistics.. Couldn’t be more ignorrant really


    I can either study once very hard and pass an exam or not study at all and fail it 7 times, guarantee you that people will “empath” me more in the latter case, 100% guaranteed

    That’s how stupid the world has become, this stupid double-faced 21st century that all of us have high hopes of or sth. Never ever been more double-standarded, ill-minded on reasoning, and even worse – ill-minded on reasoning.. It’s all SAMPLES and NUMBER OF ATTEMPTS as opposed to causality, isn’t it ?, or that’s how at least this feminism scam bullsh*t tries to present it to me.. The way I see it – even if girls don’t want to study science – they should, cause hey – we have only 18% of scientists in women..

    Outright disgusting really

    This is just one example of how THINGS SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED OR DONE instead of being eye-opener or sth.. Sure – the “empath” part for the girl is there in place, but FOR WRONG REASONS, the “conclusion” is the very disgusting of it

    It’s disgusting because of the following – it “mixes” up two elements one of which is very emotional and personal, and one which is “commercial”.. When one “saintly” thing such as “mistreated child” is combined with money-laundry marketing policy “industry”, that’s where the absolute worst people profit of it


    Finally: This add would’ve totally “conquered” me (even made me cry) if it’s “conclusion” was – only 30% of girls succeed in “living their dreams”, it really would.. but no – IT HAD TO BE – Only 18% of scientists are female..

    Give me a break, couldn’t care less really, even if I was a coarse person, someone without much or any at all educational knowledge, as well as if/when being well-educated person

    Neither would, and guess what – NEITHER SHOULD.. No person should be THAT stupid to be touched by those scammings

    Why the fuck should be a job X has Y% females be an important fact in the first place ?, do you really think there are different standards for doing those things ?, do those who make these “adds” consider it ?, well – why not find the reasoning, why not assemble a good well rounded group of science experts and finally do a research on it – bust the “oh so scary” myth – “are parents too harsh on girls that want to do their father’s or brother’s doings” ??, how about do a research on “younger brothers” that attempted and failed the very same thing ?

    I SERIOUSLY doubt it, couldn’t care less if job X had Y% females really


  7. Jason Davison This is a very old thread but I’ve only just watched this video and read your reply, in it you said “Currently there is a strong gender bias favoring men in the STEM fields”, where did you get this information? Can you back it up?

    I ask because if we actually look, we can find that universities favor females 2:1 over males in STEM subjects –

    And employers in the same fields favor females over males 2:1 –

    Men are being discriminated against, possible great scientists and engineers are being cast aside in an attempt to get more women into the field.

    Having a woman in science seems to be more important than just having great PEOPLE in science.


  8. VArsovski10 Not, in my country almost no women in engineer, there a lot of womans in lawer and administration, almost no one believes belive in a engineer womans, my family dont belive in me. Sorry for the english. My granpa never teach me carpentry he said me “its a man stuff” my mother teach me how to serve a man “its a girl stuff”. I don want to be more than a man, i what equality, i dont like “girl stuff” i like make all i want

    I dont see, womans a mens, i see humans, i am Queer, i dont belive in genders, nationality, guy stuff or girl stuff,  we are animals, we are humans, we are same shit in the world


  9. Gary McCaffrey, your views are not correct. The articles you site are showing a bias towards hiring females, this does not mean that there are more females in STEM programs. 

    Look at the faculty of almost any STEM department and you will see a heavily male dominated ratio.


  10. Science on Google+ My views are correct. I didn’t say there were more females in STEM programs, I was responding to the person who said STEM jobs and subjects have a strong bias towards favouring males, the FACT is the bias favours females.

    Because as I said, having equal numbers of men/women is now more important than just having the best people.

    Do you feel all subjects and professions should have an equal number of men and women? Deep sea fishing? Oil drilling? Cab drivers? Teachers? Nurses? Should we have affirmative action programs to make sure every job and subject is as close to 50/50 as possible, or do you agree that that is ridiculous and pointless? Which do you think?


  11. Gary McCaffrey Of course not because a lot of other male-dominated jobs are also dirty and dangerous. Women have NO INTEREST in these jobs, even though they pay more than being a hostess at a restaurant (which is why there is a wage gap). They only want parity in politics and high-paying high-prestige careers that are safe and indoors.


  12. Gary McCaffrey, it’s not about having equal numbers. It’s about having a level playing field. You can’t have the best, as you say, if the system is biased. If the best person for a job is female and the system is biased towards men, then the best person doesn’t get the job. There are plenty of studies showing that the system is biased towards men.


  13. Science on Google+ What studies show that “the system” is biased towards men? Can you cite them? There are loads of special programs for girls and women to give them special help in every segment of the educational process, from title IX to college acceptance, females have special programs and preferential treatment. What do boys have exactly? Boys are falling behind girls in education and make up less than half of college graduates.


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