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This is our first Science HOA.

This is our first Science HOA. Stop by on Tuesday and check it out. Please note that the RSVP link in the post below points to a deleted event. It should point to this event:

Originally shared by Science on Google+

What’s a genome, and what does it mean that human genes cannot be patented? 

Brush up before Tuesday’s Hangout on Air with geneticist Ian Bosdet. We’ll discuss the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling and answer your questions, so be sure to leave them on the event page.

*RSVP here:*

Event hosted by Amy Robinson , Nic Hammond  and Jason Davison . 

This is the first Google+ Conversation for Science on Google+ and marks the beginning of a new hangout series bringing live science to you. Our next event will be with a blockbuster scientist, blogger and writer for WIRED..the event will be a announced this afternoon!

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