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“There’s a lot of amazing science out there. Let’s go discover it together.”

“There’s a lot of amazing science out there. Let’s go discover it together.” 

Join Dr. +Joe Hanson  biologist and host of popular YouTube/ +PBS Digital Studios series +It’s Okay To Be Smart  + +AAAS  Mass Media Fellow at +WIRED  on a journey to the awesome side of science. This hangout will be hosted by Science on Google+’s +Amy Robinson , +Jason Davison   and +Nic Hammond   .

The hangout happens on Monday, July 22rd at NOON PT/ 3 PM ET. 

Joe will answer your questions and give insights on bringing science to the masses, the power of YouTube, why GIFs are awesome and much more. 

Add your thoughts and questions for Joe on this page. Joe will invite a few insightful fans to join the hangout in person!

Get to know Dr Joe: check out his blog at

This is the second hangout in a new series that brings science to life through conversations with the world’s leading minds. Subscribe to the Science on Google+ communities for the latest.



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