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Google+ Science Board

Google+ Science Board

Interesting article from BBC Science website. Seems to cleary explain things that usually make my head spin. What does the science community think about it? Can you comment on the quality of the article? Thanks for posting on the Science Board, rafael correa! 

Feel free to post your questions, announcements,  job ads, events, hangouts, etc. on the Science Board (see for details).   #gsbask    #scienceeveryday   

Originally shared by rafael correa

Quite readable piece about stuff that has always made my mind spin. 

I’m pinging people who are in my ‘science’ circle, hoping for their opinions on the quality of this article. If you don’t want to be notified for stuff likethis in the future, just mention it in a comment and it won’t happen again. Thank you up front for your patience.


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  1. It’s a bit “fluffy”. Not that fluff is always bad, but this doesn’t even mention Planck’s constant as a way to measure size. IMO the article wanders, and doesn’t try very hard to address size.


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