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Google+ Science Board

Google+ Science Board

Hey Science Community. If you had to write a report combining two or more of these disciplines (physics, math, danish, english, history of ideas, and electrical technology), what would you write about? See post below for more details. Thanks for posting on the Science Board, Rasmus Gundorff Sæderup! 

Feel free to post your questions, announcements,  job ads, events, hangouts, etc. on the Science Board (see for details).   #gsbask     #scienceeveryday   

Originally shared by Rasmus Gundorff Sæderup

I need ideas for my science project!!!

Being a gymnasium student in Denmark with A-level physics and math, I’m having a study line project in school in a couple of month, where we’re supposed to write a report about a topic that combines 2 of the subjects that define our study line (physics, math, danish, english, history of ideas, and electrical technology). Unfortunately, I only have a week to write my project report which should be about 15 pages long, and I am not supposed to perform any experiments. 

Inspired by Jonas Neergaard-Nielsen, I’ve been thinking about writing about quantum cryptography (BB84 protocol) – something that sound veruy interesting, but I fear that it might be a bit too complex to be able to understand it, and explain it to my teachers in 15 pages. But I am of course willing to begin doing research about my topic ahead of time.

Other ideas of mine include:

Black holes/hawking radiation, the evolution of navigation through time, cryptology though time, and lasers.

I think I’m mostly interesting in writing about relatively new scientific discoveries, so I’m not very interested in things like planet movements or bridges (classical mechanics isn’t what I’m interested in). But of course, the more ground breaking the topic I choose is, the harder it will probably be to understand. 

Would you recommend any of these topics, or do you have any other suggestions as to topics that would be interesting and relevant to write about? Thanks ahead! 🙂

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