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SocialGood.TV is proud to present our first interactive panel, Educating Through Entertainment: Sustainability &…

SocialGood.TV is proud to present our first interactive panel, Educating Through Entertainment: Sustainability & STEM, on Thursday November 15th at 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Central Standard Time (3-4 p.m. ET, 12-1 p.m. PT). A livestream will be available to view and interact on

Our nation’s school system is broken. Our schools are not educating children in critical areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) at the level many other countries around the world are providing to their future leaders. Teachers may have their hands tied when it comes to what they are teaching due to standardized testing, working on a meager salaries and with small budgets, and teaching from substandard or disengaging text books. However, our panelists are providing study material, programming and outreach programs that are getting kids excited about learning again. Each of these panelists and their organizations are also helping parents do their part to ensure their children will play a role in leading tomorrow’s economy and innovation while living a sustainable lifestyle.

The panel will run for approximately 45 minutes with another 15+ minutes of Q&A from the audience. You can follow the conversation by Tweeting using #SGTV and following @SocialGoodTV on Twitter. You are encouraged to ask our panelist questions on Twitter using #SGTV . If your though-provoking question is selected, we will send you an invitation to ask your question to our panelist during Q&A in our Google+ Hangout. You must follow @SocialGoodTV on Twitter and add our +Social Good TV (Google+ page) to participate in the Q&A. Instructions can be found on our website at http://www.SocialGood.TV/howtoengage at the bottom of the page.

Pete Monfre,  Co-Founder & CEO, Exploration Nation

Pete is the creative force behind Exploration Nation, an elementary and middle school instruction program that features real kids doing real science around the globe. The company produces instruction materials for educators and engaging, entertaining video for students. A twenty five year veteran of the advertising and marketing industry, Monfre is an accomplished educator, photographer, award winning musician, writer, consultant, videographer and producer. 

Shira Lee Katz, Director of Digital Media, Common Sense Media

Shira  is interested in seeding innovative approaches to learning. She is the Director of Digital Media at San Francisco-based nonprofit Common Sense Media ( In this capacity, Shira is responsible for the strategic direction and operation of Common Sense’s app, website, and game channels — including an innovative initiative to rate and review media for learning potential ( Previously at Common Sense, Shira spearheaded the research and creation of an innovative K-12 digital literacy and citizenship curriculum ( She was also the content lead for a set of companion mini-games. Shira holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Michigan and a doctorate degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she managed research projects on digital learning, school reform, and social emotional development.


Katelyn Wamsted

Katelyn serves at the Director of Programs for Girlstart, overseeing program management and facilitation. Katelyn manages the development, curriculum integration, and staffing of all of Girlstart’s programs. Katelyn’s developed strong relationships with school administrators, teachers, curriculum specialists, STEM industry professionals, and partnership organizations to provide successful Girlstart programs in the Austin and surrounding communities and communities across the country.

Dr. James Elder, Executive Director, Campaign for Environmental Literacy

Dr. Elder is a prominent expert on environmental and sustainability education policy whose work focuses on strategically advancing these fields at the national level. He is currently the Director of the Campaign for Environmental Literacy, a network of national stakeholder groups.  Since founding CEL in 2005 to provide a voice in Washington for sustainability and environmental education, Dr. Elder has been the primary catalyst for the nation’s new environmental/sustainability education advocacy movement.


Stephen Vogelpohl, our Co-Founder & CEO, will be the host and moderator.  Outside of SocialGood.TV, Stephen is a co-organizer of Social Good Summit Austin, serves as an advisory board member of a small non-profit, he’s a father of 3, and volunteers his time-when there’s any left to give.



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