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We will be updating and sharing this General Science Page Circle (see on Tuesday (10/9) at 9:00…

We will be updating and sharing this General Science Page Circle (see on Tuesday (10/9) at 9:00 PM (EST).

Please add your Science Page to this database ( if you would like to add your page to the circle. Here’s the form: You do not have to fill out the form if you are already in the database.

Here’s the link to the updated Science Page circle,



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  1. Thomas Kang – This is not a real event. Are you following science pages that are not in our database? If yes, please invite them to this “event” so we can get them into the database and in shared circles. The event time is when we will update the circle.


  2. BioHackers – The event is a circle share. More specifically, I will be updating this Science Page circle ( on 10/9, and I would like to add a lot of new science pages before sharing the circle. Are you following any active science pages? Can you invite them to this event so we can add them to the database and include them in the shared circle? Thanks.


  3. A lot of replicated research findings here in Israel ……re cancer cell isolation and reduction of dormant mutation restructuring ….so close now. Much more to report, but my colleague was killed by PLO terrorists and the loss hurts us all. Maniacs who only desire destruction


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