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President Obama’s Clean Power Plan

President Obama’s Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan sets achievable standards to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030. 

Originally shared by Jason Davison

Climate Change

President Obama just released a new plan called the Clean Power Plan. The plans goal is: sets achievable standards to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030.

In his speech, Obama said he has committed the United States to leading the world on this challenge. 

Please watch the video below that he released today and check out the action plan on the White House website:


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  1. Hoober Doober It may be too little and late, but humanity had to have the luxury of burning coal and oil to get where it is.  However, we need to be off burning stuff as soon as possible.

    Damn, this ‘lame duck’ President is putting some good moves out!  Now watch the Republicans and their backers bitch and squirm, trying to justify ruining the planet as if nothing was going wrong. Trying to keep their $$$ rolling in as long as they can.

    Yes, it may end up having to be fission and fusion for some stuff.  I just hope fusion gets its act in gear soon.  10 years would be good.


  2. Randall Unruh Meditation or that which you claim to be meditation noted…unfortunately it was not true to the Spirit of the body known as Americans. ..because essentially were debating a 0.01 percent change in climate at the cost of American backs…you want to talk about change..? Tell the people who say this is the way it is to not go get in their planes and cause more harmful effects just to travel than any given household..ut they pay less..and for the record, one of my triple majors is Environmental Sciences. Gl


  3. Robert Betz You could also consider that the US is the richest country in the world, that it consumes massive amounts of energy and resources. While I sympathise with the people lower down the US food chain, remember that a vast proportion of US wealth is skimmed off by the richest 1% and the richest 0.1%.  That is an equality issue for the US to sort out, but the world cannot wait for something that may never happen.  CO2 levels need to come down now or everybody hurts.  Except maybe not much for the 1%…


  4. Oh Obama got a plan? How about eliminating a significant amount of pollutants by parking his war machine.

    Has he even considered taking a step toward peace and allowing this nation to heal?

    Or does he really see our soldiers as pawns lowly enough to be lead to slaughter and forgotten about before his head hits the pillow at night?

    Does he realize that ALL lives matter?


  5. That’s why I suggested parking the war machine. He advocates cutting co2 emissions but is the cause of more than he admits to. And that’s a lot of money being spent on destruction rather than repair.

    I prefer fixing to destroying.. how bout you?


  6. No doubt. It’s absolutely criminal and unamerican. The integrity of the nation is sacrificed by the lies and crimes of those that represent us.

    Someone should enforce our laws and hold them accountable for their actions. They’re human, not gods


  7. harley quinn My best solution for that is removal from office or big fines for politicians caught lying about things, either through ignorance or deliberately.  Climate change is a classic one for people with smart mouths but little knowledge of science. So much BS spread in the name of politics, religion and money but f**k the facts.


  8. How bout if they commit crimes they face the same criminal charges they enforce on us? Fines allow criminality to continue. Imprisonment for murder is actual justice for victims. And keeps criminals in DC in check. You know politicians are career criminals only because we allow it


  9. Misinformation on key issues like climate is too important an issue for them to turn into something to debate and cash a check to prolong a solution for. If they actually produced solutions half of em would be out of a job. Classic racket


  10. harley quinn Excellent points.  I was really impressed that Obama actually stood up and tried to push through climate regulation, even if the Republicans try to block absolutely everything and anything he tries to do.  Every damn thing.  All in the name of making money, like running down public services and selling it off to bidders and buddies.


  11. It’s their job to introduce creative ways to butt heads. If they all agreed then the tax paying “real foundation” of this revenue generating scheme might have time off the slave labor it takes to fund our system. He might just wake up and see it for the abomination that it truly is. And actively disempower the career criminals leaching off of American citizens to bully the world into war.

    Can’t have Americans thinking. It’s dangerous to them lol


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