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Airborne or Droplets: Know the Difference

Airborne or Droplets: Know the Difference

A useful graphic that explains how viruses are transmitted through different routes. 

Originally shared by Karin Frauenfeld

Viruses can spread through the air in two ways: inside large droplets that fall quickly to the ground (red), or inside tiny droplets that float in the air (gray). In the first route, called droplet transmission, the virus can spread only about 3 to 6 feet from an infected person. In the second route, called airborne transmission, the virus can travel 30 feet or more


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  1. Oppus, scary is too bad at expedition publicity. Because of the perverse mass media (solipsism erudition), Rain butterfly & tina ibrahim you guys should see fair rights to know contrite contagion pattern for sake of the intricate then. As the opportunity, there is better education on board of OPB & non CM TV company of Esqui inst editorial staff if available for the approver(s).


  2. I’m far more concerned with lack of reproductive/ marital education.

    What of Ebola’s virulence in semen, post infection, treatment, and ‘cure’? 

    Do women understand that they may be at risk?


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