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#ClimateMarch 2014

#ClimateMarch 2014

Happening Now: New York City hosts 100K strong people’s march to call for action on #climatechange , ahead of this week’s U.N. General Assembly, which brings together 120 world leaders to discuss reducing carbon emissions that threaten the environment. Watch and Listen live on

“You can’t fight climate change sitting on your couch and holding your breath,” said Jamie Henn, spokesman for, which is organizing the event with more than a dozen other environmental, labor and social justice groups. The march will include celebrities such as musician Sting, scientists in lab coats, labor groups, 20 marching bands and floats powered by biodiesel vehicles or pulled by hand.

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  1. You can’t fight climate change. It is caused by solar activity (as evidenced by matching changes on the other planets) and we cannot affect the sun. Stop being terrified by the media and just be good stewards of the planet and we will get through this. 

         And, for the record, we are now 10 years into a cooling trend globally. 


  2. Matthew Remillard Perhaps you’d like to put some more evidence into your ‘its the sun statement’ after all we have been measuring the suns output for decades and even further back by proxies – not much change. (Those silly climate scientists didn’t forget the big yellow thing in the sky after all). 

    Perhaps you should look up Milankovitch cycles – one of the more regular climate change drivers – you did know about them didn’t you….?


  3. Saw some video…

    most of the blathering has nothing to do with climate…

    most of the people look like stoners…

    and the phrase “climate justice” was uttered…

    what a bunch of evil, hypocritical losers.


  4. I apologize that the majority of scientists studying climate change concur most climate change today is caused by human interaction.  Albeit, I was a skeptic for decades until I saw the proof in SCIENCE and NATURE journals.  If any of the climate deniers could provide more than hypothesis (which means concrete evidence in the form of empirical study which climate scientists have), I would be glad to see it.  In the meantime the USA is a free country and anyone who has a cause has the right to assembly, that includes “stoners”.  Since I was in the USAF and fought for that freedom I resent anyone so fascist to define someone  they don’t know and subjugate their freedom.


  5. I was distracted for a minute; personally, writing a letter to a legislator proves to be more beneficial from my experience.  But, a demonsratation is for those who don’t want to write I guess.


  6. The failure of these marches and the like is they still aren’t attracting normal people.  It’s the fringe, the extreme, the vested interests in the money and politics surrounding the Agenda of Global Warming which the General People are not seeing as real.


  7. Kris Niedbalski  

    “You can’t fight climate change. It is caused by solar activity (as evidenced by matching changes on the other planets)”

    Quick heads up, before spouting absolute crap please get a solid grounding in basic astronomy and the length of planetary orbits.

    It’s often supposed that changes to Pluto, for instance are indicative of changes in the solar system as a whole, but how do we know this? Well by observation, but here’s the problem, not one of the outer planets has been observed for one whole orbit, as far as Pluto is concerned, we have not yet observed one whole season, barely a quarter of it’s orbit has passed since it was first discovered, so Pluto, and Neptune are unknown as far as any warming or cooling globally on those planets is concerned.

    Saturn and Jupiter have been observed for longer, but again, measurements of their temperature shows one very interesting fact, that they emit more heat then they receive from the sun, regardless of solar activity, they will continue to emit more energy than they receive, the sun simply cannot affect their global temperature in any way, which brings up another minor issue, again, we have not been in a position to make meaningful measurements of Saturn or Jupiter for one complete orbit, although they have been known for centuries, simply because the technology needed to make those measurements has not existed until recently.

    So much for the outer planets, what about the inner solar system?

    Mars, Mars does exhibit temperature changes, but these changes are not due to atmosphere, the major element in martian temperature is albedo, or how dark, or bright the surface is, which is not very useful when comparing temperature changes on Earth with Mars, since the mechanisms are totally different, and there is absolutely no evidence on Mars warming globally.

    We’ll bypass Earth, since it’s atmosphere and climate has been studied extensively for a long time, and we have direct evidence for a lot further back to use.

    Venus, well, we all know Venus is hot, damn hot in fact, but is that temperature increasing? Well, despite being closer to the sun, it’s not, it fluctuates, but on average has neither increased or decreased it’s average mean temperature in the short time we’ve been measuring it.

    Finally Mercury, closest to the sun, if any planet would reveal changes due to solar effects, surely Mercury would be the ultimate smoking gun….. Well, no, again, like Venus, it’s average global temperature has not change appreciably for decades.

    It’s Solar? Given the evidence, I’d say your hypothesis has several moon sized holes in it, and talking of moons, what of our satellite, the moon, as the closest planetary body to Earth, we’d expect temperature change of the same order as Earth is, if it was Solar, well, sorry to disappoint you again, there are many instruments on the Moon from various probes and landers, not one has shown any increase in average temperature for the few decades they’ve been there.

    Oh, and the Sun itself? It’s showing a small decline in activity, and has been for decades now, not much, but a decline nonetheless, even at the peak of it’s 11 year cycle it’s average output is lower than the long term average, right now we should actually be cooling slightly.


  8. Robert Soyars And how do you then account for the observed heating of the oceans?

    As usual, picking out one particular aspect of earth’s climate and ignoring the others is a misrepresentation of what is causing global warming and frankly, just makes you look ill-informed as to what is really happening.

    As usual, quoting from whattsup will trip you up, time after time, as you stated cooling, which is where exactly on the graph on whattsup?

    Because I can clearly see an increase in global mean temperature, not a decrease.

    So no cooling there.


  9. steve taylor so why change the basic theory to fit the observations? The theory is that humans introducing CO2 causes the temperatures to rise. That’s not happening, so the cultists are switching to say the heat content of the Earth is rising due to increased CO2. Except there is no scientific evidence that is happening.

    And you might want to read the graph again that I linked to and have been talking about. There is a cooling trend of 0.01°C since October 1996. You’re bringing in something that starts in 1990, which of course is longer than 18 years. You have to in order to try and hide the fact the atmosphere hasn’t warmed in 18 years.

    The upper oceans haven’t really been warming enough either.


  10. Robert Soyars I’m bringing in something which starts in 1990? It was from the Whatsup article you linked to, showing a clear rise in temperature.

    Cherry picking start points for graphs to prove your point does you a huge disservice, it makes you look like you are attempting to obfuscate the evidence to prove your point, why not just show a temperature graph from June through January of the Northern hemisphere, I’m sure that’ll confirm cooling too.

    Sorry, you’re just making the data fit your hypothesis by ignoring the broader picture.

    What are you going to do when 2014 is over and your’re cooling is clearly warming? Because 2014 is already showing global temperature above the 1998 high point.

    Or will you simply dismiss that as a statistical anomaly….


  11. steve taylor I’m not cherry picking anything. If anyone is, it’s you. The last warming trend lasted for about 22 years. The current no warming period is on track to match it.

    Face it. The Earth hasn’t warmed in 18 years despite humans adding CO2. It’s also nice of you to bring in the fact that the northern Hemisphere had one of the coolest periods on record despite the fact the increased CO2 happens in the northern Hemisphere.


  12. Ad hominems, hypotheses, no fact discussions by conservatives. Cold in Antarctica. Ok, it’s winter there now. New NW Passage from lost arctic ice. Drought everywhere W of the E coast of ‘Merica. Why worship big oil corps? Jesus is not the CEO. He rode an ass, not a Caddie.


  13. The world’s scientific community has spoken. For the non-scientist, listen to Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech to the UN: “None of this is rhetoric, and none of it is hysteria. It is fact. The scientific community knows it, Industry and Governments know it, even the United States military knows it. The Chief of the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Command, Admiral Samuel Locklear, recently said that Climate Change is our single greatest security threat.”

    Leonardo DiCaprio (UN Messenger of Peace) at the opening of Climate Summit 2014


  14. Let me knock out some simple stuff. There is no climate change conspiracy. Chemtrails and other nonsensical ideas from Alex Jones are simply rubbish. 

    CO2 is like a blanket for the earth, pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere is similar to adding another layer. 

    Climate change sceptics, please explain to me how CO2 is not warming the atmosphere?


  15. steve taylor I thought I was fairly clear when I wrote that we are actually cooling. I know that we had a warming trend for around a  decade or so but we are now in a cooling trend. The weather patterns seem to have shifted their pathways and that seems to be having some adverse outcomes but that does not change the fact that we are not causing those changes.

         The C02 argument is flawed in that the increase in C02 concentrations is a direct result of global warming, not a cause of it. 

         People think that carbon taxes will result in climate change but they will only result in higher prices for us consumers since NO corporation ever pays its own taxes. ALL costs are passed on to the consumer. People who advocate for carbon taxes are REALLY asking to pay more taxes. 

         I, for one, cannot afford to pay any more taxes. Especially when I look at the way my government mishandles the taxes we already pay. 


  16. Kris Niedbalski You were fairly clear, and absolutely wrong, there is still no clear downward trend in global average temperatures, it’s still a positive trend.

    Weather patterns ‘shifting their pathways’ is pretty much what climate change is, a change to long term established weather patterns.

    Your basic argument against global warming and climate change now seems to be a personal economics one, rather than looking at the reality that doing nothing to curb emissions affects everyone, not just your wallet.

    Why do you suppose insurance corporations are now raising insurance premiums on coastal properties, due to sea level rise, because insurance companies are seeing the higher probability of more claims on insurances.

    I suppose you have evidence that CO2 is a direct result of global warming, and that you can clearly point to the mechanism that is responsible for the global warming you now admit is occurring, despite earlier claims that it is cooling.

    So far all you have provided is opinion, without evidence to back up your rather specific, if muddled claims.

    1. You claim it is cooling, where is the evidence of that?

    2. you claim that CO2 is the result of the warming you just said was not occurring, citation please.

    3. Your problems with corporations not paying taxes is a political issue, nothing whatsoever to do with the science of global warming and climate change.

    4. Your personal finance worries are also your concern, if all you see is a net loss, then you are not paying attention to the problems in other parts of your own nation, I doubt very much if farmers in California would prefer the present climate to a little extra taxation.


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