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What is a Nanosecond?

What is a Nanosecond?

One billionth of a second. One nanosecond is to one second as one second is to 31.7 years. But Grace Hopper explains it much better, and with charm and humor. A brief 2 minute video that is well worth the watch. Enjoy!  

Originally shared by Jonah Miller

Grace Hopper On Length

Want to get a visceral feeling for how fast a nanosecond is? Watch this video where Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, inventor of the compiler, discusses what a nanosecond is.

Really worth watching.

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  1. Judging her age by her looks and how old the video is from the quality and the surroundings, Ms Hopper must have been a truly amazing woman and scientist, for her to be in the American Armed Forces.

    As someone who has loved the Sciences since a kid, (and luckily studied them as an adult) I bow my head in respect


  2. L SG Adm. Hopper was one of the first women to attain the rank of admiral in the U.S. Navy. 

    Among her many accomplishments through long career –

    Came up with the concept of the computer bug and debugging.

    And her famous one nanosecond per foot concept.

    And just a few things related to computer software –

    And some great quotes –

    Quite the remarkable person.


  3. John Johnson  As I recall, in “making” those nanoseconds the ever-frugal Admiral Hopper described at her NPS presentation that she was re-using Pentagon wires that would have otherwise been thrown away.


  4. I agree with your general physics lecture to capable measure on both  time and length scale in stable reference frames,while people are of confounding with solipsism of Einstein story at nothing emendation jobs of their mass media in unfortunately worldwide.  


  5. I did my relativeity to measure infinity conversion scale on both time and length which is already in the manuscript”Esqui’s collected issues,Part2″ almost quater century ago,but unfortunately unpublished case by the ex-Nazi net and collaborators. So,post publication is not yet for the religious consice etc in public.    


  6. Nothing Seems To Stop Quantum Teleportation24 Sep 2014: Your dissipation energy of incoming light source as in improvement progress as thanks for,but you are still confounding with luminescent energy and photon propagation aspects which are directly dependent on physical laws,that is, no matter how light is visible into eye sight are nothing different to intensity detection on either coincidence of my quantum wave form (not Shredinger form by impossible). For the reference works, the authority name is M T Rossen onto quantum wave form in book “Esqui’s collected issues”, ed by M K Esqui, published (renewal) at inland US. 


  7. About nanosecond story of her lec,I builded up new relativity of observable unit scales Time & Length together hypothesis principles by the author name M K Esqui,because someone is of missing who how did at first. So,the contribution’s already demonstrated my theory(1978) for the precise through-away of Saturn rings instead swing-by-gravity method of the impossible dull measure,that is,later conspiracy collaboration’s done together with CIT jet prop lab as my convincement of Esqui inst.


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