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The Butterfly Whisperer

The Butterfly Whisperer

Watch this lovely Monarch Butterfly emerge from its cocoon. If you missed our previous share of Carissa Braun’s post on Monarchs and Milkweeds, catch it here:

Also see Carissa’s autoawesome pictures of the Queen Butterfly here:  

Originally shared by Carissa Braun

Another Queen Emerges

I know I shared a butterfly-cocoon emerging last week, but this one was a bit more fun. The key to a successful hatching is to have the cocoon upside down. If it’s pinned wrong, or if it falls, the butterfly will die. The wings may be permanently crippled or the butterfly may not be able to emerge. After emerging, the butterfly must remain upside down to let the wings successfully dry. Thankfully for this Queen, even though the cocoon fell, it decided to try to emerge while I was there. An interesting, and rather cool, experience. Just after, I let it grip a nearby stick so it could finish drying. 🙂

I used the Photo app to manual add motion. It’s slightly off and repeats two photos, but it works well enough.


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  1. I’m glad to say there was no hindrance in this process, Bhaskar Ramana Murthy Vadrevu; however, that does not mean I endorse holding a pupa for this experience. It is a delicate process that not all butterflies survive, even in the wild. In this case, it was simply to prevent an unnecessary death as this butterfly was emerging before I had a chance to even attempt to re-pin it, but your concern is appreciated.


  2. Bhaskar Ramana Murthy Vadrevu the slip of paper is just to help keep track of each pupae including date pinned and species. As there isn’t really a place on most to pin through, a small dab of hot glue is used on the tip to pin, instead. It is also important to monitor temperatures and potential predators. In Texas, it’s trying to prevent the pupae from burning in the sun by providing shade and preventing fire ants from reaching them.


  3. If it is the appearance that bothers you, Sawindi Aushma, the wings have simply not been inflated yet. Moths and butterflies come out of the pupa with crumpled wings due to the constraints of the space. It just takes time for them to pump fluid into the wings to inflate them and allow them to dry before they can fly.


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