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Vitamin K Injections for Newborns

Vitamin K Injections for Newborns

Vitamin K is an essential clotting factor that stops bleeding. Babies are born with very little Vitamin K because it fails to cross the placental barrier efficiently, even if the mother supplements her diet. Breast milk is also low in Vitamin K. Another source is the bacterial flora in our intestine, but this takes months to develop in the infant. This makes the infant susceptible to a rare condition known as Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding. It can happen quickly, with few external signs,  It can result in brain damage or death, as narrated by the heartbreaking stories in the link. 

This is why Vitamin K injection at birth has been routine for more than five decades — since it was first recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 1961. One megadose of the vitamin goes into the infant’s bloodstream; part of that is stored in the liver, where it is released slowly over the ensuing few months.

Investigators from Centers for Disease Control learned of a troubling trend with ~3% parents of newborns refusing the injection, and up to 28% refusals at natural birth centers. Parents are susceptible to misinformation about “toxins” and and buying unreliable oral drops from unlicensed sites on the internet. Now, mothers of children who developed life threatening hemorrhages are speaking out. 

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  1. Cyrus Isolomon, I disagree with that statement. 

    Vaccination is not NEEDED. However, all children should be vaccinated. I can make a similar argument for vitamin injections.

    If statistically vitamin injections help children more than hurts them, then inject away.


  2. It’s just a vitamin! For crying out loud a one time injection at proper dosage is not going to give them vitaminosis. Vitamin K comes mostly from citrus fruits and certain vegetables. Given the unhealthy lifestyles in the west it is no surprise that not much of this nutrient reaches the infant. As for the comment on humans should be born fully functional… I don’t know where to begin with that suffice to say ALL humans are born developmentally premature as the female pelvis can only accommodate a certain size. This is also why our skulls don’t fuse till several years later as our heads have to literally be able to squeeze through that small opening without significant damage.


  3. Cyrus isolomon – if injections there might be a allergic reaction too them it something the doctor may not have known so to say that injections might cause problems I don’t think it happens with every kid and without the shots a baby gets at well-baby check ups some serious problems could happen to a mud down the road without them


  4. Cyrus Isolomon “we will evolve to need it”: there is no scientific basis for your assertion. It’s a simple case of doing everything reasonable to protect one’s young, just as Ann Weber said. Not too complicated really, if not for the misinformation on the internet and unscrupulous vendors of unlicensed substitutes. 


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