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Do You Have a Science Question for our Community?

Do You Have a Science Question for our Community?

One of our members Miz Abynaah wanted to know more about the Doppler Effect ( Mike Aben  wrote this terrific explanation below as well as sharing this great video by +Alt Shift X.

Mike Aben: The Doppler Effect

The Doppler effect occurs whenever an object emitting waves is moving.  The effect is observed with any waves (water, sound, light, etc).  The waves being emitted ahead of the object’s motion are compressed, which means they will reach an observer at a higher frequency than if the object was stationary.  The waves emitted behind the object are stretched out and will reach an observer at a lower frequency.

With sound waves, this affects the pitch of the sound heard.  For example, the sound of a car traveling towards you will be at a higher pitch than the sound of a car moving away from you.  With visible light, it is the colour of the light that is affected.  Lower frequency light is redder, while higher frequency light is bluer.  For the effect to be noticeable with light, the relative velocity of the object to the observer has to be very high.


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  1. James Garry We appreciate your detailed feedback to some of our followers. If you’re interested in writing about this topic or other science research you are working on, we’d welcome your posts to our Community. It seems like your interests may lie with our Physical category. Otherwise, thanks for your engagement here!


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