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Climate Change and Trout

Climate Change and Trout

This study found an increase in hybridization between native and invasive trout species because of the decrease in local spring precipitation and an increase in summer stream temperatures.

From the paper:

rapid climate warming can exacerbate interactions between native and non-native species through invasive hybridization, which could spell genomic extinction for many species.


Originally shared by US Department of the Interior

Climate Change Accelerates Hybridization between Native and Invasive Species of Trout

Yep, it’s a mouthful, but it’s a potential “big deal” of climate change

Scientists have discovered that the rapid spread of hybridization between a native species and an invasive species of trout in the wild is strongly linked to changes in climate.

In the study, stream temperature warming over the past several decades and decreases in spring flow over the same time period contributed to the spread of hybridization between native westslope cutthroat trout and introduced rainbow trout – the world’s most widely introduced invasive fish species –across the Flathead River system in Montana and British Columbia, Canada.

Experts have long predicted that climate change could decrease worldwide biodiversity through cross-breeding between invasive and native species, but this study is the first to directly and scientifically support this assumption. The study, published today in Nature Climate Change, was based on 30 years of research by scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey, University of Montana, and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. (

Here’s the article, “Invasive hybridization in a threatened species is accelerated by climate change”:

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  1. I don’t see how this is bad.  Just seems like evolution at work to me.  And, more fear based on assumptions motivated by ideas propagated by an organization with 2 billion+ reasons to convince people that anthropomorphic climate change is the only kind of climate change.  Protecting your $2 billion + dollar investment at all costs, even besmirching the name of the scientific method, seems just as bad as giving carte blance to big business to do whatever they like to our environment.  Two sides of the same evil, I only care about money, douchebag coin.  And those that have picked one side or the other in this debate are just puppets.  Try some research of your own, question what you think you “know”, try to prove it wrong, no matter what side you are on.  If you are honest with your research you will find there is no black and white only gray area, which requires some thought and actual adult discussion, not just picking sides like school children at recess.

    Maybe start here and expand your research out:

    Joe Rogan Experience #501 – Randall Carlson


  2. There is no one factor, rather a set of influences that combine to cause change in a species. The referenced link regarding climate change resulting in speciation across organisms has validity. The increase in artificial hormones and environmental pollutants also has an effect. Introduced species will attempt to reproduce with existing populations naturally. In Arkansas, for example, the introduced rainbows and cutthroats have been producing a hybrid trout for many years. However the brook and brown trout populations have not been hybridized by these other two despite any climate or pollution. It just so happens that the rainbow and cutthroat species are compatible. There is no “one” answer

    but rather a complex group of contributing factors.


  3. Exactly Dylan Stanley. The impacts of an environmental disater are often caused by multiple influencers.

    For example, climate change is not only caused by CO2. It is actually caused by a combination of CO2, CH4, HaloCarbons, N20, CO, and Black Carbon.


  4. Bobo Fett, this is not how evolution works. Evolution is a product of long time scales. Humans forcing evolution by narrowing the types of species that can survive in the industrial era is not good for our (human) survival. Biodiversity is key, the natural environment thrives on biodiversity. 

    I’m one of the moderators of this page and I posted this paper. I actively research climate change. My research is on how water resources and climate change impact each other. I read tons of studies on climate change and I produce my own results on climate change. I fully agree with the current climate change research.


  5. Sad but true and moving forward it seems to be impossible.  There are not enough people who know what is actually happening with our planet or they just don’t care.  I feel sad for the future generations.


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