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Careless Culling?

Careless Culling?

Sam Andrews reports on the results of Australia’s shark culling experiment. Share your thoughts on the topic with us.  

Originally shared by Samantha Andrews

To cull or not to cull

Western Australia’s shark cull is over.  It was a controversial move ( costing some A$22 million.  Not surprisingly the WA Fisheries Minister Ken Baston has heralded the cull as a great success.  “Oh really” asks Christopher Neff from the University of Sydney.

In this open access article that appeared in The Conversation a few days ago, Christopher takes a look at the official media statement and, summing up his argument in ‘5 take-home messages’ (below) explains why he thinks the policy should take on a new name: a ‘shark sham’.   

Overview of Christopher’s 5 take-home messages

> The drum lines didn’t catch a single great white

> There is still no evidence that culling works

> The policy is about boosting public confidence

> WA loves science … but not scientists

> There is no community education plan

The article, which also includes links to the media statement released by the WA Government, is available to read here .  

Image:  Taken directly from the article, and originated from Sea Shepherd

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  1. Lynn Ava Wait what so your saying this should be done? If that were the case we should kill people. They attack and kill other humans. And babies bite should we kill them? Oh, wait, we already do.   


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