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Go Science!

Go Science!

Originally shared by Science on Google+

250,000 Members in our Community – Thank You!

We’ve passed two milestones recently. Firstly, we’re actually up to 251.4K members now – and we wanted to thank you, our members! Secondly, we’re the 9th largest Community on Google+! That’s all thanks to you!

We appreciate your fascinating science posts, your spirited debate and your generous feedback to our fellow members who ask for science input. We’d like to highlight some of our Curator’s Choice posts. Further celebrations will follow!

Clockwise from top left:

Physical John Baez takes us through the physics of the  IceCube Neutrino Observatory (

Science Bytes Jonathan Stevens demonstrates the complexity of embryo development in a single image.

Life Michael Habib  explains how some birds rack up thousands of frequent flier miles (

Science Outreach Jason Osborne discusses Shark Finder, the project providing disadvantaged students with citizen science tools (

Applied Yonatan Zunger explains the mathematics of how we measure our Universe (

Applied Joerg Fliege delves into the peculiar prevalence of the p-value, a standard measure in statistics (

Earth Johnathan Chung provides an amazing science outreach answer explaining the science of the earth’s layers (

Applied annarita ruberto explains the Euler Spiral and its many applications (

Social M. Laura Moazedi discusses the relationship between perceptions of time and internet use (

Other excellent posts are found in our Policy & Practice category, including a brave account of submitting a retraction of a science paper by Pamela Ronald   ( In a terrific example of a Science News share Tommy Leung brings our attention to an example of #ScienceMediaHype , where the media dive into early conclusions on the behaviour of dolphins and puffer fish ( 

Did we miss any of your favourite posts? Tell us below!

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