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Join us for a Science on Google+ HOA as we speak to Akinola Emmanuel and Dr shilpa keerthivasan about their recently…

Join us for a Science on Google+ HOA as we speak to Akinola Emmanuel and Dr shilpa keerthivasan about their recently published research on cancer signalling ( We will discuss the basics of cancer signalling, explain the link between inflammation and cancer, and how their research identifies a novel role for immune cells in the development of colon cancer. This Pub Talks HOA will be part of a series in which we explain published research in a jargon-free manner that is understandable to the public.

This HOA will be hosted by Dr Buddhini Samarasinghe and you can tune in on Sunday March 23rd at 2 PM CDT/ 12PM PDT/ 7 PM GMT. The hangout will be available for viewing on our YouTube channel ( after the event.


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  1. Letha McGarity   We’ve used the Apc mouse model, but we’ve modified it to be specific either to T cells or epithelial cells so we can understand if the activation of Beta Catenin must be done in T cells or if it can be activated in epithelial cells in order for colitis to develop.


  2. Chad Haney I think the induction of apoptosis has the potential to be very beneficial because apoptosis has been shown to lead to the production of molecules that are important for regulatory T cell development. How would you make it specific though?


  3. Chad Haney very true, and that’s why the follow up is important. shilpa keerthivasan ‘s next step is looking into human regulatory T cells and understanding what genes are essentially malfunctioning. We’re trying to be specific by avoiding Beta Catenin and going after what it screws up in a particular cell.


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