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Round-Up of New Paper on Global Warming and Severe Thunderstorms

Round-Up of New Paper on Global Warming and Severe Thunderstorms

Here is the round-up of the new paper that my colleagues Martin Scherer and Jeff Trapp have published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The peer-reviewed paper is available open-access here:

The story by Bjorn Carey of Stanford University News Service is here:

Some news stories include:

The New York Times :


 NBC News :

National Geographic :

Quartz :

Grist :

LiveScience :

The Christian Science Monitor :

Jason Samenow of the Washington Post :

KGO Radio:

Mashable :

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  1. Beautiful but dangerous. It appears that we are destine to put up with more severe weather and climate change. Even if we had stopped doing things that would contribute to global warming years ago – which we didn’t.

    We are stuck with the effects for years to come.  Guess we are all along for the ride -after all are planet is spinning in space and most of us are not getting off any time soon.


  2. Since we are interested in the “real world”, was care taken to make sure that the models referred to in this IPCC AR5 WG1 Chapter 10 statement were excluded?

    “Overall there is some evidence that some CMIP5 models have a higher transient response to GHGs and a larger response to other anthropogenic forcings (dominated by the effects of aerosols) than the real world (medium confidence).”


  3. I haven’t read this paper yet but a common flaw in these studies is that they can only predict environments favorable for storms. That doesn’t directly translate into getting a storm. Initiation is a hard problem and if that doesn’t happen you don’t get any storm even in the most favorable environment.


  4. More climate change bullshit, this has got to stop. Its beyond laughable, the CCC – otherwise known as the Cult of Climate Change.

    Next you will be saying the wind speed increased, not because I just farted but due to global warming.


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