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It’s a Trap!

It’s a Trap!

A Venus Flytrap, that is. How many carnivorous plants do you recognize in this picture? The Wiki link lists them all. Do click on the image link to see a high resolution version.  Did you know that the closure of the Venus Flytrap is one of the fastest movements in the plant kingdom, clocking in at under 100 milliseconds? Find out more:

Originally shared by Kevin Clift

Alien Garden

Here’s a beautiful almost alien photo of redditor ohpumpkincoffee’s garden – in which all the plants are carnivorous!

Carnivorous plants derive energy in the normal way from sunlight, but tap into the protozoans, insects and animals that they trap for some or even all of their nutrients.


Image (1,836 × 2,448):


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  1. I also recognize the Venus Fly Trap + Pitcher Plant, but I believe plant with the droplets at the ends of the strands on its stems is also a carnivorous plant (I just can`t remember the name of it). 


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