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Top Hits in 2013 Science News

Top Hits in 2013 Science News

This compilation via Chad Haney  is worth the wait. A must-watch short video takes us through the most promising breakthroughs of the past year. Which is your favorite? 

Originally shared by Chad Haney

Science breakthrough of 2013

I know it’s a bit late. I almost forgot about this. The Scientific American top ten is here: What’s your favorite from Science?

You can read more about the runner ups here:

and more detail here:

✣ Sleep: The Ultimate Brainwasher?

✣ Source of High-Energy Cosmic Rays Nailed at Last

✣ The CRISPR Craze

✣ ScienceShot: Bringing Up Brains

✣ Gut Bugs Could Explain Obesity-Cancer Link

✣ Appendix Evolved More Than 30 Times

✣ New Solar Cell Material Acts as a Laser As Well

✣ Structural Biology Triumph Offers Hope Against a Childhood Killer

✣ Cell Investigating Breakthrough Stem Cell Paper

✣ ScienceShot: Another Way to a Clear View

✪ Cancer Immunotherapy

This is my lazy #ScienceSunday  post. Ask questions and I’ll try to dig up more info on the topics that I know about.


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