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Crowdfunding Scientific Research

Crowdfunding Scientific Research

Today Scott Lewis and Buddhini Samarasinghe will be hosting the newest Science on Google+ Hangout On Air as they discuss using the crowdsourcing platform as a means to fund scientific research as we’ve seen major cuts to public funding of science. 

Joining them today is Jarrett Byrnes from SciFund, a program that helps researchers crowdfund their science. 

Also, we’ll have Dr. Alisa Woods, who had a successful campaign in last year’s SciFund 3 and is currently participating in SciFund 4. She’ll be adding in how vital crowdsourcing has been to her work, as well as promoting her RocketHub campaign: “Protein biomarkers for autism spectrum disorder”. More info can be found here:

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Unfortunately the gap between science and society is massive and only growing larger. +SciFund Challenge exists to do something about this problem, by helping to close this gap in three distinct ways.

⚛Training and encouraging researchers in their science outreach activities.

⚛Helping connect the public directly to science and scientists.

⚛Running science crowdfunding drives to help fund research and has just initiated SciFund 4:

Do you want to know about alternatives for raising money for research? What about Crowdfunding? This +Science on Google+ Hangout will discuss crowdfunding for research and features the SciFund Challenge coordinators +Jarrett Byrnes and +Anthony Salvagno as well as SciFund 3 participant, +Alisa Woods.

SciFund 3 participant Alisa Woods raised 6K+ to buy analytical software for mass spectrometry and is Crowdfunding again, to support her research on autism protein biomarkers. She will discuss tips for successful Crowdfunding, including setting realistic goals and developing your audience.

Her project is available here and as one of the incentives, she’s offering consulting and coaching for Science Crowdfunding: 

Join host +Scott Lewis and learn about Science Crowdfunding and Science Outreach!

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