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Unfortunately the gap between science and society is massive and only growing larger.

Unfortunately the gap between science and society is massive and only growing larger. +SciFund Challenge exists to do something about this problem, by helping to close this gap in three distinct ways.

⚛Training and encouraging researchers in their science outreach activities.

⚛Helping connect the public directly to science and scientists.

⚛Running science crowdfunding drives to help fund research and has just initiated SciFund 4:

Do you want to know about alternatives for raising money for research? What about Crowdfunding? This +Science on Google+ Hangout will discuss crowdfunding for research and features the SciFund Challenge coordinators +Jarrett Byrnes and +Anthony Salvagno as well as SciFund 3 participant, +Alisa Woods.

SciFund 3 participant Alisa Woods raised 6K+ to buy analytical software for mass spectrometry and is Crowdfunding again, to support her research on autism protein biomarkers. She will discuss tips for successful Crowdfunding, including setting realistic goals and developing your audience.

Her project is available here and as one of the incentives, she’s offering consulting and coaching for Science Crowdfunding: 

Join host +Scott Lewis and learn about Science Crowdfunding and Science Outreach!

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  1. Funding science (stem cell research in particular) is a topic I am closely involved in. I don’t want to spam this community so please let me know the best way to go about reaching members who may be interested?


  2. Ralph du Plessis, thank you for your consideration on not spamming, we do appreciate it. 🙂 We’ll be talking about crowdfunding in general as well as the SciFund in particular. I’m definitely open to hearing about additional opportunities for the public to directly support scientific initiatives. Send me a private message on G+ or an email (in my profile) with the information and I’ll see if we can mention it in the show!


  3. Q: How do you handle intellectual property? – Dean Calahan 

    A: I’m open access and don’t particularly pay much attention to my own intellectual property rights. With that said, I have done extensive research into how open access research and online science is impacted by IP laws. Science usually enters into the IP realm via copyright law or patent law. I have useful (and lengthy) resources on both matters and how it pertains to science for you to peruse.

    Copyright law:

    Patent law:


  4. Q: So, how does crowdfunding for science go beyond just me asking my friends and family for money? They don’t have any more money than I do! =) Jason Finley 

    A: During the crowdfunding process, you aren’t just asking family and friends for money. You are also asking them to help promote your campaign. The next level of that is to promote your project to various organizations, individuals and outlets to raise awareness. Everyone in the SciFund Challenge shares resources for outlets to communicate to, so it isn’t just you asking a small audience for help. 


  5. “How do you handle intellectual property?”

    Dean Calahan

    Short answer: I would not include anything that constitutes intellectual property in my Crowdfunding campaign.

    “What levels of funding can reasonably be expected from crowd-funding sources (and how does that compare to the expected value of NIH funding, even after considering the comparatively low award rate)?”

    Steven Goldberg

    Based on our first and second campaign we’ve raised about $8,000 ( including some donations we received after the campaign ended).

    “Can your salary come out of crowdsourced funds?”

    Dean Calahan

    In our University we would have to subject it to university overhead to do this, but this will vary based on your university. You need to contact your division of research or office of philanthropy.

    “What happens if the research goals are not reached?”

    Gergely Magyar

    This depends on the platform. Some are all or nothing and others let you keep what you earn.

    “‘grant-crafting’ is a skill to translate knowledge with ability to acquire funds.. do you think ‘crowd-fund-crafting’ will become more like advertising? what is the penalty for false advertising?”

    Tim Bhatnagar

    As in all of science, ethics are important. We qualify statements and we wouldn’t claim to be doing something we are not, nor would we fail to give a promised reward to a funder. Hopefully others think the same way. I think the penalty is lack of credibility. To me, that seems pretty bad.


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