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If you could ask MinutePhysics one question, what would it be?

If you could ask MinutePhysics one question, what would it be

Think now and post yours in the comments — Henry will join Science on Google+ live in just one hour!



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  1. If time was created in a singularity, then what causes a singularity, because there’s one in infinity that the singularity could have created this. Then couldn’t we be created from an alternate universe? Or is it that to theoretical? 


  2. 1907.a. ei osatud seostada valguse (kui Signaali) Doppleri ristefektiga – mõõtmaks relatiivse ruumi, kiirusega v, ristmõõtmeid.

    MIKS me ikka (veel?) jonnakalt arutleme “pikkuste kontraktsioonist” (mida keegi kunagi mõõtnud pole!) – ja aja dilatatsioonist, mis ülepea ruumiteisendustes EI SISALDU?


  3. GenoHypeTV not to be a pain but, we travel to tomorrow among all our today’s, best not to skip any. Anesthesia during an operation will get ya to yesterday eventually, but it’s pretty uncomfortable.


  4. It costs a lot more gasoline to accelerate a vehicle quickly to highway speeds than gradually.  Why is this so, when the ultimate kinetic energy is the same?  Is this an idiosyncrasy of the internal combustion engine?   Is it similarly inefficient to accelerate quickly in electric vehicles  vs gradually?  Is a general physics or engineering principle involved?


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