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Isaac Newton’s Birthday is on Christmas

Isaac Newton’s Birthday is on Christmas

Join us in a Newton-inspired holiday physics hangout with rockstar physicist +Henry Reich of +MinutePhysics and +MinuteEarth  and brilliant ballerina biologist +Carin Bondar of +National Geographic, +Scientific American and host of Wild Sex, a science show about the strange reproductive habits of the animal kingdom. She knows how the world gets physical. +Veritasium  AKA +Derek Muller may pop in.  We hear there may even be more special guests so you should probably go ahead and RSVP yes to join the lively conversation. BYOB. Hosted by +Amy Robinson of +Science on Google+ .



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  1. Shared with some of my crew on FB. Thank you so much for putting this together! It sounds like a fun and (as we say in some ASD circles) STIMMY time 🙂   Miriam M. James McGuire Stephen Borgman Fazli Azeem 


  2. Newton and his contemporaries were generally a very irritable bunch prone to spirited debates, to the point of generating some of the most notorious scientific disputes in history.  Name some of your favorites!


  3. Thank you all for watching/participating! Great questions and comments, everyone! We really love having these hangouts and interacting with all of you fantastic folks at the Science on Google+ community!!

    So now that your mind has been piqued about all things Newton, we’ll be having yet another hangout about one of the objects that Newton is famous for: The Telescope.

    At 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST, join Deep Astronomy, Space Fans, Tony Darnell and I as we answer our most popular question “which telescope should I buy?”

    Event Page is here:


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