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Our mathematics hangout begins in 30 minutes!

Our mathematics hangout begins in 30 minutes! See the world differently:

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  1. hello Inry Chivatá Cárdenas , if you see a foot print on a beach you will know someone walked there before you. My point is sometimes science indicates the presence of a creator, a precise and one.


  2. cata lyst  I think that conclusion is because there’s no certain (uncertain) knowledge for the idea of a ´creator´…so, the way it is present now; then probably, more advanced generations in the future ahead…will be say something different about that conclusion…  


  3. Inry Chivatá Cárdenas I think the advanced generations already came and went. math is certain enough to get us to destinations on and off our planet, it’s certain enough to point us in a direction that we may or may not choose to explore.


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