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It’s never too late to discuss the Neuroscience of Zombies.

It’s never too late to discuss the Neuroscience of Zombies. Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween. Don’t forget to check out Carry the 1 Radio, ScienceSunday’s newest content partner (see link below).

Originally shared by Chris Robinson

Diagnosing a Zombie

Here’s an interesting video of Timothy Verstynen and Bradley Voytek discussing the neuroscience of zombies. You can learn more about the mental capacities of zombies by listening to the most recent Carry the 1 Radio podcast with Bradley Voytek. 

Catch the podcast here:

Science on Google+ Community:


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  1. John Enfield actually there is a parasite that attaches and controls a dead ant in order to lure a larger animal so it can infect that animal with spores to innfect a larger and larger and larger animals


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