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Posterside Hangouts #3 Ecology and Environmental Science

Posterside Hangouts #3 Ecology and Environmental Science

Please join us for the next Posterside Hangouts (see for event post). We’ll be discussing: (a) global warming and severe thunderstorms (see below), (b) the use of mobile data and geo-statistics to examine air quality, and (c) disease outbreaks in aquaculture and its implications for food security.

Originally shared by Noah Diffenbaugh

Round-Up of New Paper on Global Warming and Severe Thunderstorms

Here is the round-up of the new paper that my colleagues Martin Scherer and Jeff Trapp have published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The peer-reviewed paper is available open-access here:

The story by Bjorn Carey of Stanford University News Service is here:

Some news stories include:

The New York Times :


 NBC News :

National Geographic :

Quartz :

Grist :

LiveScience :

The Christian Science Monitor :

Jason Samenow of the Washington Post :

KGO Radio:

Mashable :

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