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Data blitz is a new hangout (not Hangout On Air), which is hosted by the Science on Google+ Community…

Data blitz is a new hangout (not Hangout On Air), which is hosted by the Science on Google+ Community ( This monthly hangout will start at 10:00 PM (EDT) on the second Wednesday of each month, and the main goal is to create a platform so researchers can get feedback on their hot off the press research findings and discuss other issues in research, funding, and publishing. There are only two rules. First, to keep things moving, presentations cannot exceed one slide! Second, due to the 10 person limit of hangouts, all individuals who join the hangout will be expected to contribute to the discussion by presenting research or research related issues. RSVP “yes” if you want an invite for the next Science on Google+ Data Blitz.



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  1. Hi stormy uhles. This is a hangout for scientists (10 people can video chat at the same time). Scientists will present their recent findings and discuss research related issues (e.g., grant writing, publications, etc.). 

    There is another hangout called Happy Hour (see for the event post), which is basically a social gathering so members of the Science on Google+ community can meet and greet.

    Both are virtual events and you can get hangout invites by RSVP on the event post.


  2. Chris Robinson I also might like to observe this hangout without participating actively, couldn’t you make it “on air” ? This is from the hangout FAQ:

    “Hangouts are limited to 10 video conference participants, with no time limit. You can also use Hangouts On Air to broadcast a hangout to many more people, though there is still a limit of 10 active participants.”


  3. Hi Hudson Ansley. Science on Google+ is in the process of launching a bunch of new Hangouts and Hangouts On Air. For example, see Posterside Hangouts ( and Science on Google+ Conversation ( Both of these are HOAs, and we also have a couple more HOAs in the pipeline. That said, it is very time consuming to organize HOAs and many people do not feel comfortable being “On Air”.  To reach out to a wider audience, we are also launching some regular hangouts. Right now, Happy Hour (open to everyone) and Data Blitz (specifically for scientists) are regular hangouts where people can meet and greet in a more relaxed atmosphere. 


  4. La Vergne Lestermeringolo Thatch – my thinking was to have two regular hangouts, not HOAs. Happy Hour is open to everyone and Data Blitz is specifically geared for researchers to get feedback on new data, discuss research related issues, etc. I want to continue making this distinction but the two may merge at some point, or we may even start a science education hangout. You should join us for the next Happy Hour. The next one will be on 10/30.

    Corrado Topi – Only 10 people can hangout at a time. In the last hangout we had 50+ people rsvp “yes” but we maxed out at 5 people at a time. We’ll see what happens with this one. It is not a HOA, so people cannot listen in.


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