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Posterside Hangouts #2: Physics & Material ScienceDid you miss today's <span…

Posterside Hangouts #2: Physics & Material Science

Did you miss today's +Science on Google+ hangout on air? Have no fear! It's up on YouTube for your enjoyment!

This edition's presenters were:

+Carl Carruthers on protein crystal growth in microgravity. Yes. That's right. Growing crystals in space!

+Kevin Maloney & +Bill Carter on creating stronger microlattice structures, comparing the pyramids at Giza to the Eiffel Tower, aerogel to honeycombs. 

+Brent Neal on the science of shapes. How we can quantify the shape of an object using Fourier tranforms, allowing for a more efficient way of classification. 

Big thank you to +Chris Robinson for co-hosting with me and sharing out the slides so that the presenters can be seen by the audience.

Thank you all for your fantastic questions and comments. We look forward to the next edition of Posterside Hangouts where we'll be discussing Ecology and Environmental Sciences!

#ScienceEveryday   #ScienceOnGooglePlus   #Physics   #MaterialsScience   #HangoutsOnAir   #STEM  Chris Robinson, Carl Carruthers, Kevin Maloney, Brent Neal, and Bill Carter


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