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Science Engager Circle 9.1.13

Science Engager Circle 9.1.13

Over the last two weeks, many individuals and pages associated with the Science on Google+ community ( have been discussing recent projects and brainstorming about possible topics for upcoming Hangouts On Air. We took all of the individuals and pages that contributed to this discussion and put them into this shared circle. You can learn more about the individuals in the shared circle by viewing and contributing to this discussion:


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  1. Thanks, shared.

    I also just discovered something that I’m sure is already known. Circle shares (and re-shares) don’t show in the Google+ Android (and iOS) apps, so only our desktop audiences will be aware of this post.

    A separate post redirecting all users to this post (via its URL) should suffice as a temporary fix – unless it isn’t that important to reach everyone at the same time.

    cc: Chris Robinson


  2. Shared and thank you, Chris Robinson , Science on Google+  and all the moderators for your tireless efforts to promote science and learning here on Google+. I look forward to the newest incarnation of HOA’s with the many wonderful suggestions people have put forth. Is it true that Urban Meyer and Braxton Miller will be hosting the first HOA on the aerodynamic properties of a semi gaseous  oval shape as it hurtles through time and space? J-


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