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Placebo effects are fascinating!

Placebo effects are fascinating! Did you know that there is not a single placebo effect, but rather there are several different mechanisms underlying these effects? Did you know that single cell recordings show placebo effects in subthalamic nuclei (i.e., areas of the brain not directly associated with conscious thought)? You can learn more about placebo effects, and controlling for these effects, in this Brain Science Podcast ( and in the post below.

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Useful links for our article explaining why most psychology interventions do not adequately control for placebo effects

Two days, ago, Walter Boot, Cary Stothart, Cassie Stutts, and I published a paper in Perspectives on Psychological Science (linked below) arguing that most studies in psychology do not adequately account for the placebo effect. I thought it might be useful to provide all of the relevant links about that paper in one place, so I’m doing so here. I’ll update this post as needed.


My blog post:

*The public repository for data and information about the studies we conducted and our paper *:

Frequent Questions Answered:

The surveys used in our studies:

Data from our studies:

Below are links to some excellent coverage of our paper by others:

Ed Yong:

Micah Allen:


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