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What would you ask a rockstar physicist?

What would you ask a rockstar physicist? Post your questions for Veritasium  on the event page and he may answer them live tonight!

Derek Muller  joins us for the third Science on Google+ Conversation today at 5 PT / 8 ET in honor of YouTube #GeekWeek  . During this half hour event, we’ll talk physics, curiosity, non-newtonian fluids and more! Special guest Joe Hanson of It’s Okay To Be Smart will join us live (check the Science on Google+ hangout with Joe here: Our own Amy Robinson , Jason Davison  and Nic Hammond  will host.

For science!

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Originally shared by Science on Google+

Be curious. Question assumptions. Explore the world from atoms to astrophysics with Veritasium.

Join Derek Muller of popular YouTube Channel Veritasium on a journey to the beautiful, viral side of physics, hosted by Science on Google+ in honor of YouTube Geek Week (Aug 4-10). Our Amy Robinson, Jason Davison and Nic Hammond will host, along with Joe Hanson of It’s Okay To Be Smart and a few members of the community who ask Derek interesting questions on the event page.  

The hangout happens on Wednesday, August 7th at 5 pm US PT / 8 ET.

Derek will share why he creates Veritasium and how it has evolved into one of YouTube’s favorite sources of answers to epic science questions. He’ll also answer your questions so leave them here on the event page. You may be selected to join the hangout live and ask him in person.  

Check out Veritasium on YouTube at


This is the third hangout in a new series that brings science to life through conversations with the world’s leading minds. Join Science on Google+: A Public Database for the latest events.



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  1. Stuart Rosenberg, I think the flavor is really important, might change the viscosity of the fluid. What might be even more concerning, is that the fluid will change if it is sugar free or the real stuff.


  2. I feel it way more important to “be nice” to science itself that to any particular person or group. If science is anything at all it is the escape from the noise of ego and hubris. Lets start doing science. The irony (and danger to science) is especially profound when it is science interested people themselves that can’t seem to understand what science is.


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