What have we here?

What have we here? 

“We know that the Moon is “tidally locked” to Earth, always showing the same face since its rotation matches our own. But it’s not perfect. Thanks to a something called lunar libration, the Moon sort of oscillates in its elliptical orbit, and we are able to see slightly more than half its face throughout the year.” via Joe Hanson  and Philip Plait .  Original article: http://goo.gl/W1UpJ

More where this came from in our upcoming hangout on air with It’s Okay To Be Smart, featuring science GIFs galore. Our second Science on Google+ Conversation will be hosted by Amy Robinson ,  Jason Davison and Nic Hammond .


Don’t miss it. RSVP here:  http://goo.gl/Rc3yY

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  1. If an Asteroid of sufficient mass became trapped at say L2 or L1, would the “tidal lock” be broken and the Moon begin to spin again? It seems its a matter of the CoG or some part of the system.


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