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What’s a genome, and what does it mean that human genes cannot be patented?

What’s a genome, and what does it mean that human genes cannot be patented? 

Brush up before Tuesday’s Hangout on Air with geneticist Ian Bosdet. We’ll discuss the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling and answer your questions, so be sure to leave them on the event page.

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Event hosted by Amy Robinson Nic Hammond Jason Davison 

This is the first Google+ Conversation for Science on Google+ and marks the beginning of a new hangout series bringing live science to you. Our next event will be with a blockbuster scientist, blogger and writer for WIRED..the event will be a announced this afternoon!

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  1. Cytozine is that Guadnine as thyosine is to allenine as to phynoallenine. I am not sure of spelling but i am sure of the match up.  that was 10th grade biology, I learned it in 1965, what do you remember


  2. The real beauty of this graphic is that it leads us to learning more. Have you begun to explore the field of Epi-genetics, yet? Check out Bruce H. Lipton’s posts for more information.


  3. We need to find out why our chromosome are not copied correctly when our cells divide. Or why if initially the chromosome that are misspelled from our parents is not corrected after dividing?


  4. David Roberts There’s a misunderstanding that all* errors (sometimes considered mutations) will lead to inefficient proteins or disease. However, sometimes the variation has no effect or has a minor chance of giving advantages—the evolution, maybe immunity to killer diseases.


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