Smokin’ Science Circle

Smokin’ Science Circle

We took 500 active profiles from the  Science on Google+: A Public Database and put them into this circle.  Be careful, this circle is smokin’ hot! #scienceeveryday    

Don’t forget to check out the Science on Google+ Community:


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  1. +Thanks for the inclusion Science on Google+: A Public Database !

    Honored to be in such great company…

    This is a really good idea, we should keep up with it.


  2. Realle great circle with awesome memres !!!. Hope you included me in next circle Science on Google+: A Public Database  & Chris Robinson 🙂

    Lovely wishes to everyone ! :)))

    Shared with my friends.


  3. Hi Rumiana Nikolova – Please fill out this form if you would like to be considered for shared circles. Please note that people in the database and shared circles post primarily about science. See text of this post for all relevant links.


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