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It’s time to wrap up round 3 of #iseetheworldwithscience.

It’s time to wrap up round 3 of #iseetheworldwithscience.

Great discusion everyone! 

First of all, as +Bonnie Montleon pointed out, this is a Llama.

But the discussion about what else you could see with science in this photo ranged from the water cycle, to canyons cut by water and the history of animal domestication.

But the top votes were tied between +Matthew Padilla and +Rajini Rao.

+Matthew Padilla informed us about plants that get most of their water from suspended water vapor condensing on them rather than rain. 

+Rajini Rao pointed out that Llama’s are ungulates which are related to cetaceans (whales) which led to a great and long discussion about these seemingly unrelated branches of the evolutionary tree.

Hope you enjoyed it.

See you next time for #ISeeTheWorldWithScience, image suggestions welcome.


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  1. Mina nn, et Loomad seisavad vertikaalselt – ja nii ühe puu vari kui ka loomade varjud “on normaalsed”.

    Taam asuvad mäed aga “on viltu” – kaldu “vasakule”, niikui kukuksid kuhugi.


  2. A nadie le interesa, tanto llamas como guanacos dan. Sueltas sin rumbos por las rutas argentinas, muchas veces son atropellados por los autos….he visto muchísimos en los viajes por el país….nadie se ocupa de ellos, como con los aborígenes,

    Molestan, y hay que exterminarlos


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