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I See the World with Science! Image Competition

Originally shared by Science on Google+

I See the World with Science! Image Competition

Cute Llama…or is an Alpaca? What’s the difference again? And those mountains are they fold or block mountains? Does erosion play a large factor? And so much green, how do plants hold on to enough water in such steep slopes, and why are they different shades of green anyways?

Welcome to round 3 of   #iseetheworldwithscience ! 

Round 2 was a photo of the PANSTARRS coment and was won by Oliver Binetti  who pointed out the difference in colour ranges our eyes and photo film can absorb compared to digital photos. (

How much more can we see in this picture with your knowledge of science?

If you see something, add a one sentence description in the comments. It should be short, clear and very sciency.

The more creative, surprising or unexpected the better. But it needs to be something based on actual science. 

The winner will be mostly determined by the +1’s on your description by others. The winning description will be added to the image and posted separately on our page. You have 48 hours to submit a description or to vote.



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