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I See The World With Science

I See The World With Science

A picture of a comet, but what else is going on here?

Let everyone know what you can see by playing #ISeeTheWorldWithScience  

Mountains…what kind of mountains? A city, calm waters…high tide or low? What are those stars beside the comet? I wonder which ones? 

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Originally shared by Science on Google+

I See the World with Science! Image Competition

It’s time again to play #ISeeTheWorldWithScience ! 

Science is all around and sometimes it lets us see things that aren’t obvious at first. 

This image was taken by Guillermo Abramson of this week’s fantastic comet PANSTARRS. But I bet you can see a lot else going on with all that science knowledge you have…

What do you see in this image? Provide a creative and sciency description of something going on in this image or related to it and suggest a caption.

One caption will be selected as winner judged by science content and the number of +1 votes. You have 48 hours. (If you are seeing this as a reshare please try to use the original post so the comments are mostly in one place, it’s more fun that way.)

See the first #iseetheworldwithscience  competition for ideas of what we’re looking for and for some great discussion in the comments.

Full Description:

Previous Winner:



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