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I See the World with Science! Image Competition

I See the World with Science! Image Competition


We have a winner of the first #ISeeTheWorldWithScience  image competition and it’s Chad Haney! Here’s a reposting of the first image with part of his description.

Check out the original post and some other major shares to see all the great hidden science people see in our everyday world.

You’ll learn about mold growth, limestone formation, electromagnetic radiation in the green spectrum, the dead wood inside trees, endothermic amniotes, how leaf size and mold growth can indicate latitude on the Earth, old world monkeys vs new world monkeys, opsins – the proteins that ‘see’ light, binocular vision, articular pahalanges and of course radical primates seeking free radicals in their fruit.

original post:

other posts:

See you next time we play #ISeeTheWorldWithScience  


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