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Geology/Earth Science Circle

Geology/Earth Science Circle

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If you have a science related degree, you are a science journalist, you are a K-12 science teacher, or you curate a science page, then add your profile/page to the database by filling out this form ( Active profiles and pages will be included in the next shared circle.

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  1. Hey Charles Carrigan, I want to put together a nice Geoscience/Earth Science and include people from your community and from the Science on Google+ Earth Science community.

    Would you be interested in that?


  2. Charles Carrigan, sorry for not using a complete sentence. I shouldn’t make late night comments.

    I was thinking about making a combined earth science circle. And include all of the people who work in earth science in it.


  3. Ah, yes, OK.  I wondered if that’s what you had in mind.  I think that’s a decent idea.  Michael Klaas and I put one together last year, but we only shared it once and didn’t follow up much since.  But yeah, I think that’s a good idea.  I assume you mean a circle separate from the one being shared above in this post.  So the question to address is what criteria do you want to use for inclusion in the shared circle?  I’ll see if I can dig up the old criteria we had developed last year for ours…  I’m probably a bit more strict with who I put in a shared circle than most.  I looked over a lot of people’s public posts pretty carefully, and tried to put in a heavy signal:noise filter.  A lot of people on G+ will post science, but then they’ll also post on a slew of other topics as well, and I didn’t include folks like that.  I also limited it to people that seemed to be professionals or graduate students; didn’t include any undergrads or “enthusiasts”.  


  4. Thanks, for showing me the circle that you already made. I was thinking something along the same lines as you. We can put together a strong circle maybe around 100 people in the earth sciences. Keeping the requirements of graduate student/professional/professor are a good idea. 

    We can start off with an ad asking for anyone interested to be included to comment and then publish a finalized version in a week or two. We can advertise on Science on G+, Science on Google+, and the geoscience communities. 

    Does this work for you?


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