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We’re shaking things up at Science on Google+: A Public Database.

We’re shaking things up at Science on Google+: A Public Database. We recently created the Science on Google+ Community (see link below), and 17 scientists have recently joined the team to help curate the database and community (see Categories and Curators Section in the original post to see the new curators). Feel free to share your science posts with the Science on Google+ Community. We would love to hear from you! 


Originally shared by Science on Google+

Community Mission Statement

Science on Google+ is a community moderated by scientists, for all people interested in science, both professionals and the general public. The primary goal of this community is to bring real scientists to the public, for science outreach. A secondary and long-term goal is to create an environment that fosters interdisciplinary collaborations; thus, enabling and promoting cloud collaboration between scientists. 

Community Guidelines and Rules

Please take a minute to read the guidelines and rules. Individuals who do not follow the rules will be banned from the community. Thanks in advance!


English (please translate all your posts to English to increase common understanding).


Please do not just post links to blogs or articles on the web. Provide a brief summary and explain why it is interesting. Links with no original content in the introduction may be deleted. 

Please respect copyright and share in the frame of the law. Identify the source (photographer, author, or website) of a shared image or work.

We welcome posts of high quality and limited quantity. if you wish to contribute with many posts a day, we ask that you combine your posts in order to avoid information overload. You should not post more than 5 posts per day. Identify the best category for your post (default postings go into curator-only category at the top of the list and will be deleted). 

Spam will be removed. Spam is defined as non related content, self-promotion, and product advertising. 


Please treat other community members and their opinion with respect. Be kind to people who do not share your opinion. You can be tough in your arguments, but please be polite in your form.   By the same token, remember that respectful disagreement should never be taken personally.

Consider engaging with existing posts by answering questions, plussing, and commenting.


Categories and Curators

Please post to the relevant category (see below). Posts from non-curators to the Guidelines and Rules category will be deleted! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Anthropology/Sociology: Zuleyka Zevallos 

Astronomy: Brian Koberlein 

Biology: Gerd Moe-Behrens Rajini Rao 

Chemistry: Nic Hammond 

Computer Science: Mark Crowley V.D. Veksler 

Engineering: Chad Haney Christopher Dreyer 

Geology/Earth Science: Arizona Bob Jason Davison 

Materials Science: Brent Neal Jon Hiller 

Mathematics: Paul Harper Vincent Knight 

Medicine/Health: Chad Haney 

Neuroscience: Justin Kiggins 

Physics: Brent Neal Jon Hiller 

Psychology: Andre L. Souza Chris Robinson 

Science Industry: Brent Neal 

Science Teachers: Hannah Grimm Nic Hammond 

Science Writers: Liz Krane Rich Pollett 



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