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Google+ folks- I am beginning a (hopefully) significant project regarding the teaching of Human Evolution.

Originally shared by John Mead

Google+ folks- I am beginning a (hopefully) significant project regarding the teaching of Human Evolution. I am hoping to get feedback from those of you with an interest in the topic. In particular, I am hoping to learn what YOU see as the best resources for leaning about Human Evolution for a general public audience. I have explored extensively in the field, but am trying to learn about resources I may have overlooked.  MANY, MANY thanks to those of you who take the time to help me out with your feedback! 


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  1. This is a fascinating topic. I am particularly interested in learning about the use of statistical methods in the study of evolution. E.g., comparing genes from inhabitants of different geographic locations and tracking divergence. I’ve read some pop science articles using these methods to study language but only a couple blurbs about its employment in genetic analysis.


  2. This is a fantastic idea, I just had a class my senior year in college as a psych major and we discussed Evolution quite a bit and evolutionary psychology…I will try to find a couple of the articles we read…I do know that the Templeton Foundation has some information, especially when getting into the ‘debate’ between atheists and Christians


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