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Science Communities

Science Communities

Science on Google+: A Public Database is creating a public directory to make it easier to find Science Communities on Google+. Please help us build up the directory by adding science communities to the database and by spreading the word about the directory. #sciencesunday  

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  1. zach gaitten, that’s odd. I’ve been following many of these scientists for months, and religion has not come up from them once. In my experience the ones bringing up questions about religion are the zealots.


  2. Science isn’t necessarily against religion.

    It just gives reasons why it is unnecessary.

    Also there is bugger all evidence to support theism so the more skeptical and logically inclined out there are more likely not, to believe in a god or gods.


  3. I’m a curator for ScienceSunday , the page that hosts the #sciencesunday  hashtag that you see on the trending list. We’ve posted hundreds, or more likely thousands of posts. Not one has been about religion, either for or against. Check out the page, zach gaitten .


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