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There are a lot of great events coming up!

There are a lot of great events coming up!

h/t to Olga Garcia and Jeffrey Salvitti 


Originally shared by Google Science Fair

Hey #science enthusiasts! We’d like to officially welcome you to #deSTEMber. Throughout the month of December – ahem, deSTEMber – we’re working with Girlstart to bring you live demos, at-home experiments, mentorship panels and more all focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  

Today we’re kicking off deSTEMber with a Hangout on Air with the always informative and ever entertaining National Geographic. At 10AM PST/ 12PM CST/ 1 PM EST join emerging explorer and Google Science Fair judge TH Culhane live from his laboratory in Germany as he guides you through four mini-experiments you can do at home (RSVP here

Stay tuned to the Google Science Fair page throughout December as we regularly highlight different #STEM  programs like:

  – Wednesday experiments with Google X Engineer Dan Piponi, Google Science Fair Finalist Shree Bose, and others

  – Thursday Partner Hangouts with Scientific American, CERN, and many others as they share experiments and live demos 

  – Fridays in the field where you can see scientists working live in their fields and hear how the got started in STEM careers with partners like the San Diego Zoo and the California Academy of Sciences     

For a full list of events, check out Girlstart’s calendar at

Get excited for a full #deSTEMber month of STEM festivities on Google+! Feel free to share the deSTEMber word with all your #science enthusiasts!  


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