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h/t to Olga Garcia writes…Hey guys!

h/t to Olga Garcia writes…Hey guys! I will be moderating this amazing chat today with Scientific American editor Mark Fischetti. Who would like to join us in the hangout as we discuss the piece on World Changing Ideas? The hangout starts at 1 PM CST. Comment if you can join us and I’ll send you an invite. #hangoutsonair   #sciencesunday   #scienceeveryday  

Originally shared by Google Science Fair

Join us for a Hangout on Air with Scientific American editor Mark Fischetti. We’ll be talking about their latest issue which focuses on world changing ideas. Explore big advances in technology, like oil that cleans water, pacemakers powered by our own blood, and more. Have a question you’d like to ask Mark? Post it below and we may answer it on air!



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