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Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences

This circle will give you exposure to Astronomy, Biology, ​Chemistry, Ecology, ​​​​​Geography, Geology, and Neuroscience.

If you have a science related degree, you are a science journalist, you are a K-12 science teacher, or you curate a science page, then add your profile/page to the database ( Please note that you also have to circle Science on Google+: A Public Database if you would like to be considered for shared circles.

View underlying database:

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  1. Question: is there a way to predict which areas of science will be shared on which Sunday?

    Keep up the great work!  I don’t think I’d even find Google+ useful if it weren’t for Science on Google+: A Public Database.


  2. Glad you like the database, Richard Green.  We have been focusing on the four large circles (Applied and Mathematical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Communication, and Science Pages. We will share Applied and Mathematical Sciences on 11/18 and Social Sciences and Communication on 11/25. You should receive a notification from us on 11/18.


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