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Great idea! Thanks, Daniel Simons.

Great idea! Thanks, Daniel Simons. 

Originally shared by Daniel Simons

Circle for academic psychologists interested in replications, publication bias, meta-analysis, and other related topics

Alex Holcombe and I are starting a circle for discussions of replications, publication bias, etc. If you are an academic psychologist interested in these topics, please use this form to add yourself to the circle (it’ll take just 20 seconds):

More Details

As some of you may know, Alex Holcombe  and I have been planning a new journal that would publish pre-registered replication attempts. It looks like a variant of that plan will come to fruition in an even better way than we had hoped (more details posted here soon). 

As we start working out the logistics, we hope to tap the expertise of our colleagues for insights, feedback, and discussion. This circle will serve as a place where interested academic psychologists can discuss issues of replication and publication (and related topics like publication bias, NHST, meta-analysis, etc.). In addition to soliciting feedback, we’ll use this circle as a sort of bulletin board for interesting papers, blog posts, and information on these topics. We hope others will as well.

To the link above is to a Google Doc form where you can provide your information. I’ll then build the circle from the people who have added themselves and then will share it with everyone who signed up. Note that the form requests your academic affiliation and rank. Membership in this circle will be moderated, and only academic psychologists or those who publishes regularly in academic psychology journals will be included.

Please share this post with any colleagues who might be interested in participating in this circle, and we look forward to interesting and informative discussions.

(note that I have sent notifications to the Academic Psychology circle as that seemed to be the group most likely to be interested — I rarely use direct notification, but I thought it would be appropriate in this instance.)


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