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Hello fellow scientists and engineers out there!

Originally shared by Iman Alsharkawi

Hello fellow scientists and engineers out there!  I’m looking to make some connections with those of you working in the Energy industry in any form.  I am currently helping out a venture capitalist group, WBTD to seek out grants or proposals in the arena of clean energy and energy efficiency.  I’ve worked with them in the past to implement a revolutionary new metal alloy in a fuel cell system and integrated it onto a UAV platform.  This project evolved into developing a new precision hydrogen generator.  To make things more exciting, they are currently working on a new device that can remove 100% of the carbon emissions from coal fired plants.

The people at WBTD are very dear friends of mine, and an excellent team of people.  If any universities or companies out there are interested in working with them on this exciting new project, please let me know so I can make the connection happen!


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